Power & Parts

Power & Parts Division

When BJ Marthel International, Inc. acquired the non-exclusive NIIGATA distributorship in 1985, the company organized the Power & Parts Division to address the trade of spare parts for these very popular, much in-demand Marine engines for propulsion and auxiliary (gen-set) use.

The company has since then set up a technical group, its Product Support Department (PSD), with a Japanese consultant, to advise and provide supervision for the installation, operation and maintenance of these engines. This department now has full service and maintenance capabilities. This arrangement led to a further joint ventures between NIIGATA and BJ Marthel. Niigata Power Systems Philippines, which does maintenance and service work for Niigata engines in the Philippines as well as sending engineers and service personnel to several other countries in support of Niigata’s international operations.

In 1993, BJ Marthel was eventually named exclusive Philippine distributor of NIIGATA parts for both marine and stationary engines. PPD / PSD now supplies parts and services for its many clients.