How to Use Amerex Fire Extinguisher

August 11, 2021

Where to Use

Amerex Fire Extinguisher BJ Marthel International

Amerex fire extinguishers have a wide variety of products that are hand-portable or wheeled fire extinguishers, both “compliance” (code required) and “specialty” types. Specialty type extinguishers are intended for use on particular types of hazards, so careful attention should be made to locating them in close proximity to the specific hazard they are meant to protect. It is natural for a person to use the extinguisher located nearest to a fire. The most current issue of NFPA-10 should be consulted for minimum recommended fire extinguisher types, placement, and travel distances. Your local Amerex Fire Extinguisher Distributor is professionally qualified and equipped to help you evaluate and implement these recommendations.

Two new classifications have been added recently – Class A:C (Amerex Water Mist fire extinguishers) and Class A:K (Amerex Wet Chemical extinguishers). All picture symbols are detailed below and should be reviewed with all who might be expected to use a fire extinguisher. Everyone should be familiar with these picture symbols which identify the types of fires on which they may be used.

The International sign symbol diagonal red slash indicates a potential danger if the extinguisher is used on that particular type of fire.

The absence of a type symbol means only that the extinguisher is not recommended as particularly effective for that classification of fire.

Types of Fires

  • Class AOrdinary CombustiblesWood, paper, cloth, trash, and other ordinary materials.
  • Class BFlammable Liquids & GasesGasoline, oils, paint lacquer, and tar.
  • Class CElectrical Equipment
  • Class DCombustible Metals/Metal Alloys(No picture symbol)
  • Class KCooking Appliances Involving Combustible Cooking MediaVegetable or animal oils and fats

Types of Amerex Fire Extinguishers

  • Class A Amerex Fire Extinguisher Type A BJ Marthel
  • Class A:B Amerex Fire Extinguisher Type AB BJ Marthel International
  • Class A:B:C Amerex Fire Extinguisher BJ Marthel International
  • Class A:C Amerex Fire Extinguisher BJ Marthel International
  • Class B:C Amerex Fire Extinguisher BJ Marthel International
  • Class D Amerex Fire Extinguisher BJ Marthel International
  • Class A:K Amerex Fire Extinguisher BJ Marthel International

Amerex Fire Extinguisher Instructions:

Amerex Fire Extinguisher BJ Marthel International  Amerex Fire Extinguisher BJ Marthel International Amerex Fire Extinguisher BJ Marthel International

Read more at Amerex.

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